Advantages of Using Auto Darkening Filters (ADF)

When you are operating a welder, irrespective of it being a gas or arc welding, it generates lights which can be harmful and unsafe for the eyes. Even a few seconds of looking into the arc illumination can affect the vision of the person. In fact, even looking at the gas torch flame can cause injury to the retina. So, it becomes extremely important to protect the eyes during the welding process.

When the question of buying the best welding helmet comes one question which may strike your mind is the type of lens that needs to be used for the helmet.  While the passive lens uses UV and IR coated dark tinted glass with a fixed shade value of #10; whereas the auto-darkening lens during the inactive state has #3 or #4 that makes it easy for the operators to view through it. The auto-darkening lens comes with sensors that detect the arc-starts and darkens it within a fraction of a second to #8 to#13.

The Auto Darkening Filters (ADF) is made up of specialized liquid crystal display that is either solar powered or battery powered. The sensors that are placed on the helmet make it easy to detect the changes of light in the environment. Thereby, it helps to reduce the ADF shade as and when needed. In fact, the more advanced arc sensors of the best welding helmets allow differentiating between natural light, light bulbs, and the welding arc.

Advantages of ADF

  • It can provide higher quality welds.
  • The operator can easily stay focused on the welds as it helps in reducing the head nodding. This is because it can easily fit into the head.
  • This welding helmet allows welding in crucial areas easily as the helmet does not need to be raised
  • The delay settings help to avoid the arc flashes.

The advantages clearly show why the ADF are more preferred as a protective gear by the welders.