Charge your iPhone as per the instructions

It is very exciting moment, when you buy a new iPhone. It is quite tempting to take your new iPhone out of the box and start using it much before reading the instructions. This is a mistake that many people make and using any device without reading the instructions can shorten the life span of your device and you may need an iphone repair immediately.

One factor that is responsible for correct usage of iPhone is how you charge the battery of your iPhone. Not charging it correctly can make a huge difference. If you use the battery correctly it normally lasts for a day and will lasts for many years without any problems. If you are not careful while charging and using the battery of your iPhone, then you will notice that the battery doesn’t lasts longer. Also, it will add to your electricity bill as you will need to charge it frequently. Eventually, your iPhone battery would need replacement through an iPhone repair company.

The first thing that you should keep in mind when you get your iPhone for the first time is to charge the battery fully before you actually start using it. If you partially charge iPhone battery for the first time, it will restrict the battery to hold as much charge as it should. This also means you would never be able to get the maximum benefit from the battery.

Once you charge the battery fully, you need to charge your iPhone at least once in a day, only if you have a heavy usage. This means you need to charge your battery during night or in the morning. Do not keep your iPhone charger plugged in constantly as it can consume a lot of energy.

Charging your iPhone battery the right way can prevent the chances for replacement and repair.

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